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We Make the Investment. Money & All.

Firehorse Growers is an Oregon company that partners with local farmers and land owners to grow premium cannabis using time-tested cultivation practices that reflect the best art and science of growing this great crop, robust and highly documented compliance measures, and an organized farm-to-market sales and distribution strategy.

Investing in Oregon Cannabis Farms

The Firehorse Way

Our approach builds on an age-old tradition of sharing land to grow crops. It moves the heaving lifting of legal compliance, cost and buildout to Firehorse and lets you benefit from the profit. A true win-win.

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Cannabis Clones

Growing cannabis starts, teens, and mothers for farms local to Oregon. 

Cannabis Growing Compliance Company Oregon


Firehorse Grower strains have character, consistent potency and excellent quality. We strive to bring you unique products organically cultivated, and address a variety of needs. 

We Make the Investment by 

  • Working with local property owners to create fully compliant cannabis grows.
  • Helping local growers expand their business into a fully compliant entity backed by effective marketing, quality assurance for long term profitability.

We care about how the industry grows in Oregon and want to make sure local folks prosper in a fully compliant way – all at near zero cost to you.

Be part of a farming tradition. Be part of the cannabis industry. Be part of this transformation.

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Why Contact Us?

  • If you are an established grower who wants to take your grow to the next level of productivity, quality, and profitability and compliance, call us. OR
  • If you are a land owner and curious about how to get started, give us a call. OR
  • If you would like to carry our product in your store – including many unique strains, reach out. OR
  • If you want to be on our mailing list to learn more about us, send your info and become part of the Firehorse family.

We are an Oregon company looking for the right partners to build this market together the right way. Call and find out if our team and approach is right for you.

Contact Info

Phone: (541) 238-9299


Hours: 7 Days a Week - 8am-5pm

Location: Eugene, Oregon

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