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Becoming a Firehorse Cannabis Grow Site

Firehorse Growers offers Oregon land owners an opportunity to enter the cannabis market safely and profitably. The market for cannabis products is strong and healthy, and potential profits are great.  If selected as a site,  our artisanal growing methods combined with our marketing and sales approach will provide you , as the host site, sustained profitability.

Key Features to Focus On

  • The land has to be zoned appropriately for usage compatibility with most Oregon county regulations for cannabis production.This usually means zoning that allows agriculture or forestry.
  • If your land is currently used as a medical cannabis growing site under OMMP rules, we will not be able to license the site for recreational growing at this time.
  • If you are currently a commercial farming operation, you are likely an ideal candidate for a Firehorse grow. Water and power must be available to, or close enough to, the grow site to be brought in without undue high cost.
  • Access to the grow site must be reasonable and serviceable.
  • The expected size of your Firehorse installation when operational is less than one acre, but required setbacks generally mean your property must be larger.
  • Your property should be occupied, but this is not an absolute requirement. It is preferred that your property is mortgage-free, but this not a hard and fast requirement.
  • Some cities and counties do not allow cannabis growing, regardless of legality at the state level. We can tell you immediately if your city or county has opted out of the state’s program.
  • These are some of the key considerations. And there may be perfectly legal exceptions and work-arounds that can be leveraged to enable your site to qualify.
  • If you think your site may qualify, but you’re not quite sure, contact us and we’ll make that determination for you very quickly.

How it Works

Firehorse Growers incurs the upfront capital cost and oversees the installation of a a turn-key cannabis grow specifically designed around your site from start to finish. We will work collaboratively around the placement of the grow, water, power, etc. All the heavy lifting, and the financial burden, belongs to Firehorse Growers.

Setting up a grow is not easy or inexpensive requiring capital for installation, construction, water, power, maintenance, licensing, compliance, security, marketing, cultivation and harvesting.  In short, with the exception of the small amount of space you’ll give up to profit from a Firehorse grow, costs are ours.

If you think your property might qualify as a Firehorse grow site, contact us to find out more at: or call us at (541) 238-9299

We’ll schedule a time to go over what it can mean to you, what’s required, what’s not, and what’s involved in detail.

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Why Contact Us?

  • If you are an established grower who wants to take your grow to the next level of productivity, quality, and profitability and compliance, call us. OR
  • If you are a land owner and curious about how to get started, give us a call. OR
  • If you would like to carry our product in your store – including many unique strains, reach out. OR
  • If you want to be on our mailing list to learn more about us, send your info and become part of the Firehorse family.

We are an Oregon company looking for the right partners to build this market together the right way. Call and find out if our team and approach is right for you.

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