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Cannabis Compliance With Oregon State & County Law

Required compliance with Oregon state and local laws for those engaging in a cannabis business is not easy. Compliance requires focus and diligence and attention to detail – and is absolutely necessary for sustained success.

Requirements to Grow Legal Cannabis

At the state level over 80 pages of rules and regulations dictate what can and cannot be done when involved in growing, distributing, processing and selling cannabis products. Local and county government bodies and their unique requirements that support state licensing are also demanding and tough. All these levels of regulation form a shifting matrix of law that must be understood, incorporated into our business and processes and then strictly and reliably adhered to. Sanctions against cannabis businesses by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) can occur for the smallest infraction and vary in severity from a brief punitive shutdown, to outright suspension or revocation of the license to engage in a cannabis business. In the cases where the violations are the most egregious, criminal charges can be imposed.

Our Comprehensive Consulting Approach

Firehorse Growers puts the law at the very top of our working priorities when installing and operating your cannabis grow. Issues of security, cultivation, tracking the movement and sales of cannabis, and the laws that frame those issues are at the core of our business, impacting everything we do.

Legal compliance with the law impacts our ability to achieve our mission, so we embrace these regulations to the letter. To that end we have a dedicated resource whose sole job is to stay abreast of the changing landscape of law that governs our operation, to document the changes in a way that helps us understand them, to safely and legally operate within them, and ultimately to ensure compliance at every level of our business. For you, this means that the burden of compliance is offloaded to those most well equipped to tame it. Compliance is our job.

The Complexity of Recreational Cannabis Compliance

Firehorse Growers holds as a planning and operational assumption that the enforcement of the rules and regulations impacting cannabis businesses will evolve toward more – rather than less – complexity. Legalization in Oregon, particularly as applied to producing, processing, distribution and sales of recreational cannabis, is less than a year old. We believe that future tax revenue will fuel closer and more stringent monitoring, audits and cross-checks to make sure that all cannabis businesses are operating strictly within the state’s legal framework. Sanctions will come, and are likely to catch those off guard who have ignored, juggled, or misunderstood the regulations, to their detriment.

We understand the law. We understand the direction of its evolution. And we have the approach and strategy to make sure your partnership with Firehorse Growers is, and will remain, state-legal; and that our business is immune from current and future dangers posed by increasingly more frequent and robust government auditing in the face of what would otherwise be defiant, thoughtless or casual adherence with state and local law.

A steady and sustained drumbeat on the importance of compliance from our Compliance Officer serves us all well.

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