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The Firehorse Way

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About Firehorse Growers

We’re joining together the best of American farming traditions with the art of creating great cannabis strains. We’re wrapping it all up with the sound business structure and documented processes found in all well-run businesses.

We are also building a community of enterprising, enthusiastic individuals, working, growing and selling this valuable crop in the simplest, most effective way possible. Full compliance, great strains and superb people will equal good business. It’s that simple.

Firehorse Company & Culture

  • We use best practices combined with artisan methodologies.
  • We have a consistent, process-driven grow model to ensure consistent product quality.
  • We install cannabis grows where legally allowed.
  • Our foundation is documentation and legal compliance.
  • We have bold production goals supported by an end-to-end sales strategy.
  • We work hard so fun can be a priority.

Getting and Staying Compliant

One of the biggest barriers to entry into the recreational cannabis business is the time and energy it takes to first create detailed plans for every aspect of the grow operation, and then navigating the licensing and property compliance requirements. This is tedious, extremely complicated and labor intensive work that requires expertise up-front. We have a team dedicated to do this legwork for you – and more importantly, to stay on top of changes in the law so your legal cannabis grow can continue to generate revenue, not just today, but into the future.

Our Name, Our Way

When we started this business, we recognized a need to think differently about growing product in the cannabis business and to do so despite what anyone else was doing. The Firehorse is an ancient Chinese symbol that describes someone who is hard-working and extremely enthusiastic — and that embodies the values of freedom and independence. It matches our philosophy. That’s us.

Safe and Sound

Each of our grow properties is equipped with the highest level of security required by the Oregon Liquor Control Commision (OLCC). We use high tech wireless and satellite equipment as well as stringent operational procedures to ensure your property and your product is safe

Begins With Your Grow

Our project approach builds on an age-old tradition of sharing land to grow crops. It moves the heaving lifting of legal compliance, cost and buildout to Firehorse and lets you benefit from the profit. A true win-win.

High Yield Means High Reward

With science and art to back our methods, we use the best technology and processes to produce the highest yields from strains with the qualities consumers want.

We Do All The Rest

  • We help you obtain the license to be a fully compliant cannabis grow location, including the creation of all plans for state and county approval.
  • We establish a shared revenue agreement.
  • We do the growing and the management of the operation from end to end, you relax.
  • We take the product to market using established sales pipelines.

We care about how this industry grows and want to make sure local folks prosper in a fully compliant way – all at near zero cost to you.

Bringing Your Product to Market

All the product in the world is not gold…unless it goes to market. We begin with the end in mind. We know that once we harvest your great grow, we need to sell it. One of our top priorities is creating that pipeline for your harvest. For us both to prosper, we must sell, so right along with growing quality cannabis, selling it in the local market is a top priority.

FireHorse Trading

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Why Contact Us?

  • If you are an established grower who wants to take your grow to the next level of productivity, quality, and profitability and compliance, call us. OR
  • If you are a land owner and curious about how to get started, give us a call. OR
  • If you would like to carry our product in your store – including many unique strains, reach out. OR
  • If you want to be on our mailing list to learn more about us, send your info and become part of the Firehorse family.

We are an Oregon company looking for the right partners to build this market together the right way. Call and find out if our team and approach is right for you.

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